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    Alter Ego Part TWO

    FYI, part 2 of Alter Ego is still FUBAR. I just tried to replay the mission, which is BALOGNA in the first place, only to get to part 2 again, where you meet Cass for the 2nd time and where you are to meet/confront VonBach, only to get stuck in the "LOADING SCREEN" again and not be able to finish the mission, So like everyone else, I try to restart the game...only to find out the 2nd part of the mission has disappeared yet again.

    Now I suppose I'll have to replay the whole thing again only to find its still FUBAR. Do us a favor, just fix the second part so we can complete it, get VonBach, hopefully open Silicon Valley (if that is what it does, if not it should have, it needs to be open NOW--NOT LATER), and let us move forward...

    Frustrated again,
    GPA etc..................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Same here. Restarted the storyline and got stuck on Loading the last mission both times.

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    This is happening to me right now; I talked to Cass and it just has been frozen in loading screens since.
    (And this is my restarted attempt of this mission; The first time I tried on Monday/Tuesday did this as well.)
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    Ego freeze

    I have tried several times and does exactly what has been reported, the never ending loading page. Tried it twice and I am not going to try a third time they can fix it first.

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    Same here been doing the first part of alter ego about 8 times and it still wont let me complete the mission it self and move on

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    Check your pursuits after that last mission freeze/mess/forever load. I had the same thing happen, and noticed my EGO had bumped up when I finally got to log back in. It had decided I had completed the mission and the pursuits section or something, but all I saw was the Infinite Loading screen. So I have no idea what happens during the last mission, but it's been checked off in the pursuits. So maybe it did the same for yours?

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    Yup, still messed up as of tonight. Glad SO and I aren't the only ones. I would love to know what happens in the mission.

    EDIT: found a youtube vid. It's just the cutscene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_85Pdm0weQ.

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    Sorry about this guys, we'll look into the difficulties you have faced with Alter EGO Part 2. As always any additional in game reports when you run into these troubles would be helpful!

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    The problem with the in game reporting is that most of the time the drop down menus are all irelavent to my issues.

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    Just happened to me after 4 replays. Been about 20 min . Fix this pleeeeaase! *Sigh*
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