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    Personal weapon raffle

    I am leaving the game and would like my personal weapons to not just collect digital dust if you will. These are the weapons.
    1) QM radiation zagger (fully T4 modded, matching synergy rapid shot pod and recoil stock, T5 falloff barrel. Mastery is speedy shoes)
    2) Assassin double crit no nano wolfy (has oj damage roll and T5 crit barrel and extended clip, still needs crit mastery)
    3) 10.1 fire rate Canker T4 modded
    4) 7th legion sumimoto with a blue crit roll (rad converted)

    All are allowed to enter but only one will win all 4 weapons. I will leave this open for 2 weeks so everyone has a chance to sign up.

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    I'm in, thx. Good luck in your next gaming venture.
    Quote Originally Posted by nick145 View Post
    I love the guy slinger weapons for some unknown reason... I may have a problem

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    Psn....brianflipside if I win I only want the zagger I will give some else the other three ....thanks

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    It sucks to see another player leave , I hope you find a different game you really enjoy.

    Please count me in PSN - EDCP77 IGN - edone

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    Put me in psn just- right52

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    Sad Panda - but this is coming for all of us I fear.

    I'll enter - overtkill21 is my PSN.
    LF: Respark Energizer ARK, 7th Legion Gashima Unity Synergy, Double DMG & EGO on Reload

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    Free weapons!where do i sign?psn & ign-delcy72

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    Well if you are definitely leaving I'll toss my name in here but it sux to see another leaving .

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    Yeah I am leaving for sure guys. The game has just become boring, more like a chore to do each day. So on to the next game. I wish you all luck, and will announce the winner 2 weeks from today, will try for around noon central time.

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    put me in as well. in game name Pandemonium and psn DEVILS_REJECT_19.

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