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Thread: weapon mastery

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    weapon mastery

    is there anything I can do to keep a weapon that I love but mastered it?an example is I have a boomer that I like a lot that I opened all the mod slots in but now is mastered so im losing the bonuses...this isn't so much of a factor on my smgs and assault rifles(my favorites on account of overcharge perks)because they pop up all the time in vendors so replacing them is never really a issue..i know that there is an option to change weapon mastery bonus on the salvage matrix page for 12 AF,but since the latest patch im worried that AF is gonna be hard to come by,since the patch ive gotten 0 Af from T2 boxes that before the patch I was getting 20 every third box or so....I guess what im asking is is it a good idea to change mastery on my favorite weapons?i hope this made sense and please excuse my lack of knowledge on this subject

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    What do you mean you're losing your bonuses? They changed it so that mastered weapons will continue to earn XP towards your weapons skills if that's what you mean.

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    yeah, now the Mastery Bonus is actually a Bonus.

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    so im not losing out on any benefits by using a weapon that is mastered?i did not know that...thank you very much

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    No not anymore. A mastered weapon will still rank up your weapon skill.

    They probably didn't remove the splash/loading screen that says otherwise... would be typical.
    I've haven't noticed though since I've not read a loading screen for at least 6 months but I did when I started playing in december.

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    Steve you might want to drop by defiancedata.com and read the article for new players. Trion really doesn't have a solid support system so a member of the user base has stepped up.

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    Thank you for posting this. I thought from the ways things read you had to change to an non mastered weapon to gain weapon XP. This changes everything, my inventory will be a lot cleaner now.....lol

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