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    If I only get one, Crimefighter, Gang Buster or Bloodhound - which one?

    Can you BRIEFLY tell me what each on does and how do you rate it?

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    i only got the blood hound so here it goes:

    the bloodhound is classified as a sub machine gun

    it fires mini rockets at a starting fire rate of 7.5 per second or so

    these rockets look like greenish version of volge weapons rounds

    the rounds on this travel much faster than a normal rocket launcher

    it also draws from the smg ammo pool

    it has explosive splash damage on each round it

    it also has all the lock on capability of a guided rocket launcher,handy for getting crits on a volge viscera

    it uses guided rocket launcher scope and stock,with magazine and barrel mods being regular rocket launcher

    it has about the same range as a bolt action sniper rifle,maybe more,handy for area bombardment,or rediculously fast easy aim sniping

    it has a base clip of around 21

    and it can also fire around corners,kind of tricky to pull off and abit situational,but its like riding a bike once you got the hang of it

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    Wait / buy rep boost and buy them all.

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