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    <The Empire Rising> is recruiting - NA

    Hello, newly created clan ingame The Empire Rising is recruiting.
    We are a multigaming community existing for nearly 2 years in other mmo's and I have recently discovered Defiance and decided to expand our activities to this great game.
    We play to have fun, to help each others and to gears up toward high level group play

    Join us if you are interested.

    pm me CobraGuru

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    We are increasing every days. We are a mix of newcomers and members with 2k+ ego.

    If you are interested in joining a cool, fun group, to help each others, for group play, send me a pm here or in-game

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    I have to add that the clan is on NA server.

    I thought it was worldwide connected and it's not

    so we can recruit only NA players for now.

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    We have now around 50 members and our rating is increasing regularly

    we don't have exigence on ego or game play style, you wan to talk and be active or you prefer to play on your side contributing to the improvement of the clan, no problem, we accept all players style.

    If you are looking for a cool place, then join us

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    The clan has reached a rating of 850 and around 60 members in less than 2 weeks. that means we are active

    so if you look for an active fun clan without requirement, join us now

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    close to 70 members and clan rating of 1050, increasing regularly.

    If you are looking for a cool place, without requiremeznt, just to have fun ingame, casual or hardcore, then join us

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    a little up. We have more than 70 members now, getting close to 80.
    The clan rating is 1200 getting close to rank 2 also

    No Requirement, just play the way you want

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    England, derby
    ild like to join please

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