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Thread: ArcheAge Beta

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    ArcheAge Beta

    Did any of you play it?
    What do you think about the F2P limitations there? (Not being able to do 1/3 of the game claim)
    Any other input?

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    Didn't have a chance to play it yet although i read quite a bit about it in the forums and saw a few livestreams but i got an invite for CB2 and i can't wait to try it out this may be the MMO that takes me away from GW2... maybe... there seems to be many issues with labor points and quite a few restrictions for f2p players, one especially that bothers me is the fact that f2p players can't use AT ALL the AH (or whatever it is called in Archeage) to sell items.

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    Haven't played it, don't plan on it...not paying $150 bucks to be able to beta test their product. Not to mention from what I've seen, the graphics look VERY dated, and waaaayyyyy too much anime influence for me to want to get NEAR the game with a thirty foot pole.

    So they sent me a beta invite. I checked out the forums, reading around and made a couple of posts....but I doubt I'll even try the beta from what I've read there. So much money grab. Too much PvP. TRION fails again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4ndreas View Post
    Did any of you play it?
    What do you think about the F2P limitations there? (Not being able to do 1/3 of the game claim)
    Any other input?
    Just look at the founder packs!
    Lol, soooooo greedy! Even our Russian localizer of AA - mail.ru - wasn't so greed! And we here in Russia thinking, what Mail.ru - worst localizer ever! Ok, thought before.

    Also, some of my mates, who playing Rift said, what there is too many "Gimme all your money!" too.

    Sad to say, but Trion becomes... bad.

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    I love it.
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    Got beta invite. I downloaded the 22-26GB. Let it sit a few days and was finally able to play a bit.

    I played for about 5-10 minutes. Logged out and uninstalled it from Glyph.

    Didn't like the music
    Didn't like the sound fx
    Didn't like the voices
    Didn't like the animation (It's like it wants to be anime but can't quite do it)

    I kinda knew I wouldn't like it from the livestreams, but figured I'd give it a try.

    Good luck to anyone waiting for a beta invite and good luck to those that enjoy the game!

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    I've played it a bit.

    I'm interested in it because it's new (to NA) and has quite a bit of depth, but it has some issues.

    I'm not a big fan of the art style.
    It needs a framerate limiter (sure, I could play at 100fps, but I could also play at 60 fps without a jet engine sitting right next to me).
    I expected cross-continental trade ports to be more protected than they are--better bring an army to get past all the campers.
    I expected more "secret" housing plots around the world. Seems to be limited to one per zone.
    Mobs suffer from "aimless pacing" syndrome.
    Equipment was far too rare and crafting anything--even greens--required days of farming.

    I fully expect that once the launch hype dies off, the game will become very niche. Honestly, I'm more excited for ESO's new post-50 progression system.

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    installed it, played it for 10 minutes, uninstalled it.
    not worth my time.

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    If I want to get ganked, I'll go back to WoW and dust off the characters I had on a PvP server. At least people won't be able to steal my resources there.

    Besides, the world seem too generic. Once you've tried Aion and RoM, there'll be nothing new in this type of setting.
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    Played during CB3, just to get a fill of the classes, and the facial customizer, as long as the game saves the character creation to live, it will be easy to load and start playing after selecting the first sub-category of the classes. I leveled up 6 characters to 10-16, not much into exploring the world just yet, but I did have fun. I wanted to try the Court / Punishment aspect of the game, just need to get higher...or for the bad part of it commit some crimes. I did hear that some players were loitering on others farm, and preventing the owner from planting crops, said he wouldn't go unless the owner paid him to leave.
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