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    Quote Originally Posted by Sliverbaer View Post
    Get high(er) Charge Blade from Liro vendor. Get Legendary Shield from 7th Legion boxes, get grenade for cheap by asking in zone chat.

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    Upgrading item level should cost salvage, IMO. At least that would make salvage useful again.

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    THIS GAME IS TURNING INTO A BORDERLANDS all over again and that is the reason I left there to join here....I mean when I used to get a OJ from a Siege or from a Dark Matter Major, I would jump for joy!!! Now most of the ones I pick up, I usually break down or sell to vendor, because I can find a green, or blue with decent stats and upgrade it till it becomes AWESOME... Now the flood of ORANGE WEAPONS HAS KILLED DEFIANCE...You cant even sell or trade like you used to, because people know the can build a better one than your selling...Which in return has made a lot of people Legendary full and SCRIPT POOR!! Now they are turning to DESTINY to be there Savoir, when they really have a deeep love for DEFIANCE!!! THIS UPGRADE SYSTEM HAS REALLY CRUSHED EVERYTHING!!! AND NOW WARMASTER NEVER DYING IS ANOTHER REASON NOT TO JOIN MAJOR ARKBREAKS!!! WHAT IS NEXT TRION??

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4ndreas View Post
    Extra-Life blade is different than Liro. I have two of those at 2500 range. Haven't seen any legendary shields from any boxes. I know I could ask clan to borrow them.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cavadus View Post
    Upgrading item level should cost salvage, IMO. At least that would make salvage useful again.
    Very good idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sliverbaer View Post
    Encrypted, yeah does sound like Destiny. First thing that came to mind.

    I understand the reasoning behind the change. Don't want people turning decent rare drops into legendary. Fine. Not sure how Arkforge sales compares to the decrease in lockbox sales. I certainly hadn't purchased either. If anything I've used more ark salvage than I ever have getting lockboxes with nothing but rare and craptastic epics.

    I just recently got into the 5300 range and had been updating the epic 7th Legion Sumimoto I pulled around 2700, as I leveled up. Just upgraded the rarity to legendary. Made me excited, as all the other legendary items I have aren't all that great. Those are all from lockboxes from resources or high score arkfalls. I still have yet to finish the pursuit for the Legendary grenade and shield as I have never seen one of either drop for me.

    Still have that legendary extra life charge blade in the 1800 EGO range. No way I have enough arkforge to upgrade that to 5300. If anything, you should drop the need for arkforge to upgrade level on weapons and make it XP based. Keep the mastery bonus or reroll it with arkforge, but as you use it, it gains XP and levels up. That's how it should have been done from the beginning of DLC5.
    Don't forget that there's the Chimera Fang if you finish up one of the DLC5 pursuits. That would negate the need to upgrade that charge blade if you just wanted a high-end orange blade.

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    Where do I even start?

    So lets start with this

    Weapons and shields that are looted after the Silicon Valley world expansion launches "may" drop as an encrypted item.

    Pulled straight from your article, please define "MAY" further. Under what circumstances would a weapon/shield drop NOT be encrypted?

    Additionally you state that once an item is encrypted you cannot raise it's rarity anymore, while at the same time you state ego rating can be increased. What about mastery rolls? Can we please confirm we'll still be able to re-roll mastery after an item is "encrypted"

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    Is this one of those the community doesn't know how to play properly so we are going to change the game again? Just scrap keys and allow players to buy lock boxes from the bit store for 40 dollars (because you guys know how to price things right), bring back the legendary gun with epic mods kit for 100 dollars and roll in the dough all day.

    By the way, if you are a business that wants to succeed, please stop talking down to your customer base and making them feel like they are the ones who are in the wrong.
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    Dlp 1 was introduced with nary any content and items that were incomplete [craptor].
    Dlp 2 was introduced broken and every "fix" breaks it even worse. It is almost dead as it is.
    Dlp 3 was introduced with a rip-off of an event that was already in game. And, oh yeah, samurai.
    Dlp 4 gave us Colonel Sanders.
    Dlp 5 gave us arkforge and the ability to upgrade rating.

    It was promised that a future patch would allow us to upgrade raity and a further patch would allow us change synergy and rolls. All of this with Dlp 5's arkforge.

    Now, the patch to gain the ability to upgrade rarity is being nerfed.

    Paint me, unsurprised.

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    It's slightly troubling at how quickly these changes come, and how altering they are. This is something I would expect during an Alpha. We've seen almost a complete about-face over three months with arkforge. It gives the impression the developers are seeing unintended consequences.

    I'm not trying to call anyone out. There's value in objective feedback, whether it's good or bad.

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    Sooo... they arent gonna do anything about this carl dbag?
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