I'm primarily a Rift player, but will on occasion crank up Defiance. When Glyph went live, I had numerous difficulties with it and both installed games. I finally managed to get Glyph to recognize my previous installs of Rift and Defiance, and was willing to live with the new launcher and its problems (no "pause download"?). That changed after about a week of using it; Glyph constantly wants to redownload itself. I can play some Rift at 4pm, quit, crank it back up at 7pm, and Glyph wants to reinstall. There hasn't been a patch, update, or anything of that fashion, it just wants to reinstall. Now, it's not *every* time I start a game, but it is above the 50% mark, which is still too often.
I have uninstalled Glyph entirely, and have gotten Rift to work with its old patcher, which it seems perfectly happy to do. I would love to do the same with Defiance, but am not having any luck - running the Defiance patcher starts the Glyph download, which is unacceptable. I like Defiance, I play now and then, but if I can't get it to run with the old patcher, it's going away. Anyone have any tips for getting the old patcher to function correctly? Thanks.