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    I just doanloaded the game and the server doesnt work?

    I downloaded the game today. then i tried to sign in and sed that my email was banned. I register with other email. and after some trouble i could sign in. After that the game asked me for 2 updates again.. And now the game dont have servers? What a great first impression of the game.

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    I don't know why your email would have come up as banned but they shut the servers down for several hours for the Silicon Valley update.

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    you have another 2plus hour wait

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    why not just READ the forum before whinning about the server not being up ?
    You're playing an MMO, some update and downtime are common for all the online games (yes even WoW !)
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    Hey there. We actually have a server status page, which can be found here for future reference. Here's the current update. We have a big patch today! Thanks for joining Defiance.

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    Ya welcome to the world of defiance,look on the bright side,as long as your unable to get on you can't get booted off

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