started playing a few weeks ago after Firefall made me sad. I like what this game is about and bought the DLC on sale this week so I can be a real space ghost

I'm a proud member of the glorious pc gaming master race, been playing MMOs since Ultima Online (catskills fo life), and this game has captured my fancy.

am such a huge noob. main is like 500something ego
drink a lot and sometimes make crass jokes (not family/child friendly)
'm not a fan of hand-outs or babying, but I do offer help to those more needy than myself
live in EST, but playtime is inconsistent because I run a business which totally interferes with my gaming schedule

looking for a clan that is not brandassnew, has at least a few oldschool gamers, and is ok with off-brand humor. lemme know here or just try and find kalyst in-game. yea, I play a girl. you got a problem with that?