Still running off the original ,3rd world tactics,capattac and thomas1975,are no longer leading 3rdworld,have stepped down,and giving me founders status, long ago,i have no reason to powder puff and lie,that they are somehow still with us,they have moved on,evenmore,this means,we need people like you to help build 3wt to what it once was,or better,thier is still alot of veterns in the clan,we are a 2600rating waiting for you to help raise the ranks!after all we are meaning behind why they made incurions(Deathmarch)so u will receive faction breaks in THIS clan, originally we were a adult clan,but,in reason most ages are welcome now,but most are adults,last but not least im a female so i aquire alot of attention and fun,so be prepared to participate in groups,)on mics if possible )and kill with a smile,visit our new website search fourm directory for 3wtactics just like that. register soon,add me on PSN crazygurltk,and well meet up ingame, invite to clan.