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    Welcome back Charlie

    For us original players I love that the intern is Charlie. Thanks dev team we love the little things

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    Lol "all of us original players"? This intern guy is NOT the charlie we remember. Charlie wasn't a whiny loser! Charlie barely shrieked in pain when he was hit by a frickin dodge! This guy isn't even an Irath!! Thankfully, the REAL charlie did appear back in that episode mission Nolan Returns, he was one of the Irathients Nolan helps you save.
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    This is teh total outrages trion owes us everytihng and shoild give us all free monies real and scriptz and also come clean up my bedroom and wash my mom's car so iu dont have to do it and aslo add flying rocket cars and dinosaor pets or ill kill trionz family anbd then sue them foir free speech violations the devs are wors than hitler!!!11!!

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