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    are inventory and keycode capacity

    Bugged i had 75 keycode capacity & 76 inventory befor this update. just log on to see 50 keycode capacity & 41 inventoy slots. why did it lower both of them.

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    Go into your claimable items, they are there.
    You need to claim them in order to get to your full capacity agian.

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    Have you checked your claims?
    Quote Originally Posted by Scapes View Post
    Yes, one million scrip. Why? We wanted to create an additional path to these weapons and their synergies for dedicated players who didn't want to purchase the Corporate Espionage Lock Box via the Bit Store.

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    chek ur claim items

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    I learned hard way that even after you claim your slots they might not be stable for a few days. Took mine 4 days to stick.

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