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    F2ps new character races

    We were told months ago we would
    get 2 new character races when
    f2p came out.I've tried to start
    a new character and it's the same
    old ones.(Indogenes)was one.Would
    like to find out what's going on.

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    The only races we have are Human, Castithan (DLC only) and Irathient. The only one we MIGHT get is Indogene. They didn't say we'd being getting new races when F2P came out (at least not that I recall) but they have mentioned wanting to implement one (Indogene was their choice, the other races would be too difficult to implement or something like that).
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    Well I hope they come out with
    a indogene race.that would be
    cool.Ty u for getting back at me.

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