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    Any one in favor of LM-43 Thunder

    I have used to FRC SAW, so I am not used to the bad accuracy of EMC LMG and Thunder. It seems only work good when defeating boss, while SAW also does well in normal swarm fight. In swarm fights, i usually manully burst fire to keep bullets hit. Thunder's charactistic means the first several bullets is sure to miss, while SAW can already kill the target by these bullets. High DMG of SAW also means less bullets consumed, although bullets is free of charge, fight with thunder (and SMGs too, except FRC Sub-Carbine ) makes me run out of ammo quickly.

    It seems that most people like EMC and VBI more for its high RoF and low Recoil. I am more a fan of FRC and Frontier for its high DMG.

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    I used to be the big Saw fan, but in time i got annoying by the bloom when you keep shooting (though easy to reset).

    Recently got my hands on a EMC LMG, i love it. Later it dropped a LM43, not sure what the actual difference is, but yesterday the last one dropped and now i have all nano-typed (and normal) LM43's. Happy as a kid during Christmas.

    The lovely RoF and its 'stabilizer' effect while shooting, makes it perfect mid/long range. Closerange/hip its not that great, but for im big fan of the guns. (specialy with the 1.4 mag mod, going upto 187 per clip). On 4 of 5 outfits i have at least 1 LM43 equiped, only problem is running dry on bullets and cant find any new ones

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