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Thread: Awesome voices

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    Awesome voices

    mutants, zombies, raiders are just awesome
    I dont know who made it but rocks
    also dark matter

    The voices are also so funny and original.
    I love the mutant voice saying "there is no hope"

    I love the voices.
    I hope new missions and new characters
    What I do = MF

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    I'm inclined to agree on this. The voice acting is pretty solid compared to other games... Cass Ducar is a personal favorite, and her animations are pretty entertaining too (double thumbs up in the early mission, middle finger at the radio station, etc). Defiance seems to have a pretty good grasp of its aesthetic and that coupled with a streamlined approach to the old "run, gun and grind" scenario makes it a fun drop in drop out diversion.

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    I have to agree! I've loved every minute of the cut scenes, even though I'm infamous for skipping everything possible and going for the gold, I actually enjoy the voice overs and plot. It's refreshing.

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    Yeah, but that female Merc that screams "You gotta help me out" and "I got this one" has GOT to go

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    Legit LOL! Forgot about the ungrateful E-Reps too, demanding that I "get over there and help them out" while I'm up to my armpits in mutants!
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    Totally agreed. My favorite is Ego. She is so cute and funny.

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    A lot of players HATED EGO's voice in the beginning, and a lot of the time she does state the obvious, but I have to agree - she is cute and funny!

    Law Keeper Cooper was always my favorite, until they changed voice actors in season two, but stuff happens!

    The voice actions and cut scenes are still some of the things I like best in Defiance! I love the end scene in the Island Coop with Captain Grant and the Ark Hunters about his son and all, and probably PO people on my team cause I always see that whole last scene every time I do that coop. It chokes me up!

    I probably shouldn't have admitted that last thing! My clan mates are never going to want to do that coop with me again! Please forget I said anything!
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    Varus' voice is awesome. He's my favorite NPC by far.

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    "I'm sorry, who is this really hot girl and why is she demanding answers from me?"

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