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    I spent a lot of time on that one. Seems like having few trying to make the same mission is bugging it or so. At least I couldnt finish it yet, once first one doesnt work, then last one doesnt work. Restarted 20 times.

    Biggest problem is the mobs seem to spawn infinitely. I would clear out the raiders, suddenly 50 (im not even lying) hellbugs spawn, the whole map is flooded with red dots, two of the grenade launcher big mobs spawn, and then the huge raider that sets himself in rage with grenades spawns (or two of them). Seriously the whole map becomes red and I'm pretty much alone trying to fight them off.

    Eventually I clear the whole place, maybe am lucky and the turret works, move on to the next and exact the same thing happens. I finished the 12 grenades from the biggest raiders contract cause they just keep spawning all the time, all while just trying to finish this one quest.

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    Just tried this mission about 4 times now and nothing tried it all different ways going to the last 1 1st and killing the hulker and so on i got the 3rd turret but the others were not playing ball ....playing on the ps3

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    Indeed, it would make sense if the turrets were inactive untill onlined by the player - seeing as they don't even do any noticeable damage when active.

    As for the 4th turret "Hellbug swarm" stage, it will only happen after the second time the Hulker rages, I believe.
    Again, it's vital that no later stage spawns are engaged with the turret when you get there (or possibly even when activating the quest).

    Unfortunately, it seems the quest behaves more like an event, and anyone is able to trigger the spawns - this is especially a problem at the 4th turret, because - from what I gathered after I completed it late last night - the Hulker isn't actually a standard spawn - meaning it doesnt meander about unless triggered at some point, instead it's burrowed untill triggered, so if it spawns and engages the turret before someone activates the quest, that turret bugs out.
    The unfortunate effect of this, is that even someone just passing by the area a bit too close to the Hulkers spawn-point will trigger it, and break the 4th turret for anyone attempting the mission - untill the Hulker is destroyed and the mission reset.

    Also, it might be worth taking a detour after each turret - to avoid triggering spawns before you get to the turret - which also seems to bug them out. This is especially true when driving to the 2nd and 4th turret.

    The route I took when I completed the mission was:
    Go through and clear all spawn stages from 1 - 4th turret, without the mission active.
    Go to 1st turret, kill everyone there untill the Tanker spawns in the distance, and activate the 1st turret.
    - Drive up over the hill onto the fields, drive around and drop down as close to the 2nd turret as possible - tring not to engage the Tanker from the 1st turret.
    Kill everyone at 2nd turret, including the 2 tankers and Hellbugs that spawn there - then activate the turret.
    Drive directly to the 3rd turret, clear that area and activate the 3rd turret.
    Drive onto the fields again, bypassing the cluster of Raiders (and the "Hellbug Swarm" spawn point) leading to the 4th turret, and drop down near the turret again - and clear that area.
    - Drive back and cleared the earlier stages I had left prematurely.

    It took me a couple of attempts (3, to be precise), using this method. 1st try someone had triggered earlier turret spawns while I was resetting them. 2nd try I died at the Hulker, and the subsequent respawn (not revive) bugged the 4th turret.

    So yeah, untill it's fixed - if you really want this - consider giving the method listed above a try, and do it in the wee hours of the morning when few people a online.
    <Insert clever/witty comment here.>

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    I'm on PS3, and when I showed up to the turrets for this mission they were already active and firing, but the game registered them as non functional and told me to reactivate them (I couldn't interact with them either) was a bump in my finishing side quests marathon.

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    Quickest way to unbug anything, including this, is to drive a fair distance (300ish metres or so) away from the quest item in question and return. Usually solves any problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Santiak View Post
    Just did a little research on the mission to see if there was a way around it - since I've both seen others complete it while I was trying, and that it's been stated here that some have been able to complete it while others haven't.

    I abandoned and retook the mission multiple times, each time with variable degrees of success. Sometimes I was able to get up 2 turrets, other times none at all.

    What I found was, that the crux of the matter is the mission seems to not only be about the turrets - it also involves the enemies that spawn there.
    So the "real" objective should be to clear the area of hostiles first, and then reactivate the turrets.

    Unfortunately, it seems that if a previous spawn is already present - not the "base" spawn, but later stage spawns at each turret - the turrets bug and you can't activate them.
    Seeing as the turrets can be activated if someone lures the spawn far enough away, they will eventually return and stay there untill someone comes along and clears them - at which point the turret becomes bugged for that person.

    The best bet to complete it would seem to be to clear all the stages first - without the mission active - and then drive around all the turrets and pick up the mission again, and hope someone doesn't trigger any further spawns - I haven't tested it, and it's one hell of a hassle, but if anyone's adament on completing it before a patch is released, I'd recommend trying that.

    Alright, I tested the proposed solution above.
    First off, I was only half-right. It is somewhat connected with the spawn stages of hostiles near the turret, but mainly because the turret itself is constantly bugged one way or another.

    If the turret has any target to fire upon when you get there (except "base spawns" - see below), it will bug out - "it's already active".
    So to increase the chance of success, complete every wave first before you attempt the mission:
    1st turret: Untill the Burrowing APC's retract
    2nd turret: Kill the Tanker that spawns in the distance
    3rd turret: Kill both the Tankers that spawn.
    4th turret: Kill the Hulker.

    Each time I did this, I'd be capable of activating all 4 turrets when I got there - unless someone had engaged the turret and triggered the subsequent spawns before I did.
    Note that if you die (as in, not being able to revive yourself-dieing), the turret you died near will bug out, and you'll have to start the mission over - including clearing any previous spawns.

    The method is by no means a sure-fire way of completing the mission - but as long as turrets are firing at the base spawns, it doesn't seem to cause them to bug out.

    Also, it's worth mentioning that the "activate" shimmer effect sometimes isn't visible untill you leave your vehicle.

    Either way, this is the way I finally completed the mission.

    Hope it helps ;s

    Thank you it worked for me after a few tries

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    Daergar is correct, and it's the easiest way to do it.

    Basically, get the quest then head to the first turret.

    If you get a prompt when you mouse over the turret gun saying "Reboot the Turret Gun" or something to that affect then kill everything near it and then reboot it as you won't be able to reboot it until it's idle and has nothing to shoot at. If you don't have that prompt, then drive 300 - 350 meters away and come back, it should be selectable now. If it's not, kill everything near it so it has nothing to shoot at then drive away and come back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kern123 View Post
    I got passed this, the best way i found especially with the turret getting attacked by the giant mutant and the matriarch bug is to kill the matriarch, lead the big mutant away and then get your car out and drive back quick while he tails you. The turret wont be click-able while its firing. Hope this helps. Ps I bug reported this myself, if you lead it too far it will reset and they both respawn again.
    Kern is correct for the last turret. Lure the giant mutant away as far as down the hill entirely and drive all the way back and reset the turret. As for the other three. Clear the area of mobs entirely then reset the turret. I know this is not as it's intended way to do the mission but that's how my brother and I were forced to do it and may I say, it was quite satisfying. Was loads of fun shredding them all down manually. Intense battle.

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