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    Bonus items from deluxe

    has anyone gotten any of them yet i bought it right from trion and didnt recive

    Ark Hunter Infiltrator Outfit
    Hydra Heavy Weapon
    In game title: Badlands Drifter
    VBI Sentinel Shield
    30 Day scrip boost
    30 Day XP boost
    Lock Box
    +5 Inventory
    Unique Vehicle Color
    and yes to all i have emailed them and still no responce

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    this is the PC version of this topic

    We found that if you are a TRION purchase you MUST use the live chat to get this fixed. It takes 2 minutes once you finish the queue which could be a while, if you are another merchant user then you must apply both codes form your merchant to make them active. GL and hope this was helpful to you.
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    thank you all try live chat again last i did nothin worked

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