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    Defiance Universe Resource Nexus


    From Arch to Ark Hunter

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    Fun Sing Along Songs

    A song just for Defiance - Lucent

    Where Have All The Arkhunters Gone - Wartitan

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    Game Tutorials & Guides

    Official Defiance Forum Rules A guide on how to treat the forums

    Combo Breaker's Youtube Guides for Surviving Defiance Hours of Defiance vid coverage, Great guides for new fellow ark hunters to vets needing a new perspective!

    Simple Warmaster Guide An up to date guide for defeat the Master of War!

    Warmaster Killing Guide by Miss Teri Where theres a War Master there is a MrE

    The "WARMASTER Survival" Guide With really cool illustrations

    Mav's Guide to Weapon Bonus Rolls and More

    Updated Guide for Weapon Mastery Bonuses Learn what your weapons' Mastery can be

    Tutorial: How to Gold your Races Racing getting you down? Here's some good tips to obtain Gold!

    The "Expedition Survival" Guide Survive!

    Synergy List Collection of current and discontinued Synergies

    Steam Guides Grand list of Steam game guides

    Ergonomics: A Crash Course for the Armchair Ark Hunter Avoid gamer injuries

    Defiance Data Guides

    Older Tutorials & Guides

    Code of Conduct "Be excellent to each other." - Bill S. Preston

    Taaltos' NEWBIES! A forums guide. Make your life easier!, Submitting a ticket guide, How to Report a Player and/or Hacker, How to get Voice and Chat working correctly after the patch!

    SiN's Ultimate Guide to Weapon Mods, Nano-Effects Quick Guide, Shield Guide, List of Weapons

    IGN's Defiance Wiki Guide

    The "How to" Community Guide For when your in the Bay area! Stater guide with F.A.Q.

    Defiance Guides Arkfalls intro guides

    Defiance Emergency Guide with videos

    Weapons Range Range is good

    Hulker Cafe Guides A list of weapons and consumables

    Donnyrides' HP and Regeneration rates tested, EGO recharge research

    Charge Blades Very large glow sticks


    Weapon Tables

    Amack's FOV Shift - What is does and how it works, Help with Chat

    Arena Hints, Tips and Tricks Two men enter, One man leaves!

    Infector Guide Spread the infection!

    Introductory PvP Guide

    Tips and tricks Random tips and tricks from community

    DEFIANCE: ArkFall Codes Expired and dust in the wind

    Season Two Community Hunt for EGO Codes

    Season Three Community EGO Code Expedition

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    Official Support Resources

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    Glyph/Trion Worlds Support Having trouble with account or purchases?

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    Steam Support Steam database dealing with resolutions to help you game on PC

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    Being eaten by a hellbug...
    I thought KTAM had nothing to do with Defiance anymore, not since the.... event.

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    *grumbles * now i know why no one wants to go to the RP forum that me and 4 others have worked so hard to create... * goes to pout * good list though

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    Great list! Must be pinned on this forum

    Yul Arach - Human (PC-EU) | Tia Arach - Human (PC-EU) | Kelt Uzum - Irathient (PC-NA)
    Some useful links: Infos & aide sur le jeu Defiance en Français | DefianceData | Defiance Wiki

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    Pinned. Great list so far Vega.

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    I know it happened with the Plate Slicer Mods before during the Thanksgiving Event when the rewarded mod went into Claims due to a full inventory.

    Somehow it this bug still exist for the standard mods.

    I took a T3 Powerbore Barrel for SMG with the synergy Cannoneer out of my claims and it lost its synergy afterwards.
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