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    Season 2 Pursuit: The Defiant Few II

    It's not giving me credit for being Reliable (+) status with Defiant Few even though I'm Trusted. WAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH. /end pretend mad rant.

    But fo realzies, It's not giving credit for it atm. Just thought I'd let people know. <3 Now Back to the incursion! *goes back to 1st monitor*

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    bumpidy bump <3

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    Reach Cerberus skill level of 5 #2?


    Just noticed this in my pursuits too...
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    Quote Originally Posted by PiccolaRivolta View Post
    Reach Cerberus skill level of 5 #2?


    Just noticed this in my pursuits too...
    Lawl. Let's hope not XD I has da faith!

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    This was known on the PTS too.
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    yeah that was discovered in PTS, thought that would had been fixed

    I had a similar issue with other reputation, but that was due to character copy, may had been over looked


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    Yeah, just figured I'd make mention of it while it's live XD

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    Looks like I missed that thread on PTS - In this case I'm going to look into taking out this specific objective.
    All of the other objectives will take about 5 weeks (25 dailies/5 weeklies) to complete this pursuit anyway, this reputation requirement would have been satisfied within that time.

    This fix should make it out for the next holiday update.

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    No back credit for the other objectives either
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    so they are just removing the trusted part and we still have do 5 weeks of contracts to do . just great

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