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    as a free to play player do I get access to all of the event items and can you tell me all of the stuff I cant do as a free to play player

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    As a player that spends 0 dollars on the game:
    You can't use DLC specific weapons (Season 1 Content).
    You can't carry more than 35 items.
    You can't carry more than 53 keycodes.
    You can't queue yourself into DLC1 or DLC4 Arenas.

    You are free to participate in the Season 1 DLC content maps (Arenas/Warmaster) even though you cannot equip the rewards. By the way, the Season 1 DLC Pass is currently on sale, you might want to pick it up since it's only $20. Enjoy!

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    Just to clear a point that often creates confusion: Charge weapons, introduced in DLC 1, are equipable by F2P players and non owners of the DLC. The 3 charge sniper rifles, 3 chrage shotguns and 3 charge pistols can be droped by mobs and looted and equiped by anyone. The charge swords can be acquired in a number of ways, but F2P players may only get them through especial events (like the current thanksgiving event) or by purchasing either Elite (requires keycode capacity upgrade) or Corporate Espionaje lockboxes with either keycodes or bits, each having a slight chance of awarding a Charge Blade. All variations of these Charge blades are non tradable, the rest of the charge weapons are though.
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    I would encourage any F2P player to think about spending a little cash to upgrade inventory and buy the DLC's.
    This of course qualified by the statement, "If you are enjoying the game".
    I started with just the basic game, and have now expanded my play with the above items: Well worth it for someone who likes playing Defiance.
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    its a great game I have had it for 5 days now and its just mind blowing I would love to buy dlc but I have no money and no way of getting any thank you for your guys help

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