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    Mass Invite? Ok, now u got my attention!

    From the Q&A of dec 4th by Kiwi:

    Quote Originally Posted by CM Kiwibird View Post
    [*]What clan features are planned for the future?
    The big clan feature that is incoming is part of the “Mass Invite”. We’re developing a feature which will allow you to invite all your friends, or all your clan mates, or everyone within 60 meters of you to join a map your are in or queued for. This will make it much easier to fill out a Warmater instance, for example.
    Good question, exciting answer! This might actually solve a great deal of today's problems for the War Master! Assuming this feature will properly work of course (Please Trion, make it properly work!).

    The two things that make a successful run at the WM nearly impossible nowadays are the lack of options to get an instance filled before the timer runs out, and even if you have participants a lot of them are BMG-wielding egomaniacs only looking for that topspot in the ranks, therefor not dealing their part of the damage. In other words, often there are too many useless players inside. (Yes, BMG-fanatics... Useless is the word that applies to you. And even that wont cover it. Besides not contributing yourself to a successful run -useless-, you're actually hindering players that DO make a serious effort -making you beyond useless-).

    A mass-invite option will actually make filling an instance with good people possible. You can organize upfront and deny access to (a majority of) BMG-users by just selecting the usefull people and gather them around the Major Site you plan to plant your spikes on.

    I hope it'll be introduced soon, and hope it'll work. Never been a great fan of playing the WM since i truly believe it is terribly broken. Players on the outside ending up in different instances, disconnects and the infamous timer make it a drag to play for a lot of us. I play to win, to defeat the boss i'm encountering, not to be #1 on the rankings. Assuming every invite actually gets that player in the same instance, this might be the turn-around for the War Master justifying it's excistance ingame.

    Mass-invite is a great way to separate the good from the bad. Winners can take part in a serious effort to defeat the monkey, noobs can run around in their own instance filling the room with nice blue laserbeams and have a great light-show. I'm truly excited!

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    I couldn't agree more. In Cronus, our system is having a handful of people go to clan chat with "Clan WM type 1 for invite" followed by a flood of "1"s from all the people who are either not at the site or were put into the wrong instance. It works, sure, but it's a pain, and when a ton of people are online there are occasionally a couple left out. I just hope the mass invite will actually allow players to teleport into an already-full WM, otherwise I'm not sure it will be particularly useful.

    Side note: Please, BMG users. It really cannot be said strongly enough how useless your lazor nets are in WMs. Same goes for all the people using Infectors and explosives (that includes Crimefighters). Did a run the other day and saw someone using a Swarm Cannon, of all things.
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    little note. exsplosives bypass the wms crystal armour. just so u know. but no i agree . comepleatly useless to be useing exsplosive weapons in there and BMGs

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