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    Wake me up when December ends (lag post)

    This Solstice thing is a nice idea but the fact that it's destroying the server really dampens the holidays. Would we rather have nice snow fall while fighting invincible AND invisible enemies that come in such high numbers it makes everyone near you invisible so there is no way to help each other or revive each other...

    OR do we want the same regular ark falls with no lag?

    There is nothing more infuriating than having a rep mission pop up that I really need only to find that enemies won't die, I can't change weapons or load outs, I can't refill ammo, I can't pick up weapons or loot off the ground. I put 500 bullets into a regular raider and he had no health so I kept dumping bullets in them but they won't die. The worst part is despite the fact that they can't die, they can still kill you.

    We got 3 days of bonus rep and XP for a day of service being down but what about a week or two? Sure the servers are technically up and running but they're unplayable.

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    Ikr. It's pathetic, I can't complete the new Arkfall die to the disappearing players.

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    Unfortunately it lasts til January 6th.

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    signed. I'm offline until this is addressed.. somebody wake me when we get there
    XBOX, NA, DAWN PATROL (recruit for life!)

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    it looks like i wont get on till december ends

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