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    Quote Originally Posted by Gwynnie Pig View Post
    Finally got the Nomad outfit took me ages to complete Motherlode within 5 minutes -.-
    I cant seem to play the Explosions 101 map i think it might be bugged no enemies spawn its like a ghost town i doubt i will be able to get the Harmony Preacher outfit if this carries on
    Ah that sucks.

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    OP Updated.
    I would really love to post the Cronkhite map outfit, unfortunately the place is bugged, meaning I cannot enter the map.
    Until this is fixed I will have to rely on someone else who might have the set

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    That EMC Heavy Trooper armor... *drools*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Johnson View Post
    That EMC Heavy Trooper armor... *drools*
    Yeah buddy, looks awesome ... might have to start working on that one, looks abit overkill tho.. need a humvee or a tank to go along with it..

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    Female Irathient Harmony Preacher:

    **Also if it matters she's an Underworld Outlaw

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    Yay just got the Harmony Preacher after completing Explosions 101 8 times -_- i unlocked all the other parts of conquer 101 keys but it wouldn't register me actually finishing it from start to finish. Now im going to try and get the others

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    I was thinking about getting every single outfit posted in here, what do you guys think ?
    Not just co-op ones.

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    thanks for the pics!

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    A differently skinned anarchist outfit is also available from the madera pursuit as well as a mission just before you cross the golden gate.

    The nomad is a diffenently skinned version of the one you got from pre-orders.
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    i've got Top-Notch Mechanic on my female human, looks really smart . you get an auto ponytail with the cap
    Kei - Human SMG/Overcharge user. EGO 700+

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