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    The Defiance Strategy Guide!

    I will be constructing a strategy guide for defiance for the most helpful ways to level up, gain ego, get scripts, for pvp, pvm battle tactics, mods and a lot more! Please post on this thread with your strategy's!! I will make a well formated guide for all to use! This will be very helpful to the community for those of you just getting started!


    Questions i have for you!

    1. What are your methods for obtaining scripts fast?

    2. What are your methods for gaining EGO?

    3. What are your favorite MOD builds?

    4. What ability's do you find most effective?

    5. What are your methods for fighting monsters?

    6. What are your methods for PVP?

    7. Do you have information on the nano effects?

    8. Do you have information on weapons giving more critical damage than others?

    9. Do you know how to complete all the time trials efficiently?

    10. Information on how perks work going into competitive?

    11. Do you have any tips for new players?


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    ......... `¹=¹´ ..... `·¸ .................. 'Strategy Guide' ................. ¸·´ ..... `¹=¹´ ...........
    ........... `·.,¸,·-·,`·.„¸„' . ,¹•„¸¸,' ,·-·„¸,,¸„·-·, ',¸¸„•¹, . '„¸„.·´,·-·,¸,.·´ ...........

    A Beginners (will be edited) FAQ

    A Beginners FAQ for Defiance.

    Q: Does the race/background I pick matter?
    A: Very minimally. As far as I know, it only changes your starting costume and weapon. You will find more weapons almost immediately.

    Q: What are bits?
    A: Bits are the in game cash shop currency. They are basically equivalent to Microsoft Points. Most of the cash shop items are cosmetic only, and really have no effect on the game. Lockboxes are the exception as they contain random weapons and mods. I also highly recommend shelling out some money to increase your inventory slots, they fill up quick.

    Q: So, I should buy a bunch of tier 1 lock boxes because they're cheap, right?
    A: If you're just starting out, maybe one or two, but generally no. The developers have told us that Tier 4 boxes have much better high level and rarity weaponry. (At the time of writing, Oranges seem to be dropping more frequently from level 3 boxes, however.)

    Q: Weapon rarity?
    A: The names of weapons are in various different colors. The order, in increasing rarity, is as follows: White, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange.

    Q: Ok, so I have some rare-ish guns now. I should do pvp to show of my skillzors, yeah?
    A: Absolutely not. I don't recommend entering pvp until your Ego level is at least 200.

    Q: What is the difference between minor and major Ark Falls?
    A: The biggest difference is the difficulty involved. In a major ark fall, several smaller battles must be completed before the "final boss" of the AF. The difficulty of the enemies you encounter ramps up for each player in the area, and big AF's tend to attract 100+ players. The rewards are slightly better for a major AF but in the beginning, it's best to stick to the minor ones. I recommend waiting until you have at least 100 ego before entering your first major fall. Any less and you'll probably just be in the way.

    Q: How do self revives work?
    A: There is a small icon on your hud of a man in a grey box. This is your self revive timer, when it is full, you can self revive again. Some weapons have effects which help restore this timer.

    Q: So I'm fighting some hell bugs and then OHGODIMONFIREITBURNSAHHHHHH!
    A: Not quite a question there, rookie. But you'll want to roll that off. This also helps break those mud cocoon things the archers/pods fire at you.

    Other things:
    Vendors are your friend! Always check back to see what the new deals and sales are. I've gotten some of my best middle tier gear that way.
    When participating in Ark Falls, try to know where the closest ammo box is. It may be up the road, but the vehicles are fast. You will almost always run out of ammo at least once during an Ark Fall, so don't be that guy who tries to melee the crystal.
    Gear that drops is different for every player, and no one can pick up what you see, so don't risk going down for a crappy grenade mod. It will be there when the skitters are gone.
    Boost is A on the Xbox, Shift on the PC and X on the PS3.
    Now get out there and make some scrip!
    Edit: Here is some added information provided by your fellow Ark Hunters!
    "You can unlock all four of the powers but can only equip one at a time. This also gives you access to perks that you wouldn't normally have access to. (Assuming you steer clear of "Increases your (Individual power such as cloak) by X amount perks.) For example you can pick Increase item drop by 3% if enemy is killed by an explosive, as long as you unlock the top right power, then unlock the perk. And despite not having that power in use, you can still use the perk if you have it equipped." - TimeLordPony
    "There are Co-op missions that are instanced like other MMOs. You have to go through a queue to get to them. Command for the 360, off the top of my head: Dpad Left: Quick Menu Matchmaking Coop Mission It should list all the available Coop missions that you have as well as Quick Join. If you don't see any there, do some missions and level up, Coop Missions open up as you progress." - Desdomen
    (On items not appearing if inventory is full) "If you go to the store tab, all items that wont fit in the backpack go down to the bottom in a claim items section... you can get them there. I learned this from defeating instances and Items disappearing only to end up there!" - Alexiib


    1. DO ALL THE 120 TRAINING CODES - Go to the defiance website and go to- My profile then click "My EGO" and enter all 120 codes. These will give you a lot of bonuses worth starting out with and will make the begining a lot easier for you here is a link with all the codes-https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ArsAFVgquNyVdGhXdTF0VVZLOEJYTVBSbWtzYTRmb nc#gid=0

    The first EGO power is Decoy and this will send out a mirror image of you. You can also swap places with the mirror image once per use. This EGO power will attract the enemy and allow you to take some free shots.
    Decoy is useful for getting aggro off yourself but can be very handy in a team as well because you can get aggro off of your party members as well. You can also use it to warp by swapping place with the Decoy if you want to get out of a tight spot.
    Decoy will help you if you are not too good at the shooter aspect of the game as it will take the attention away from you and you can practice your shooting skills.
    Good for beginners to the game.
    Next up we are going to look at Cloak. If you want to play as a Sniper than the Cloak EGO power will be the one for you. It will surround you in a cloak so you are near invisible and you will also get increased damage while cloaked with the perks that you can add on to this.
    It is quite a defensive skill but if you add the perks that trigger effects on critical hits you can make this in to quite an offensive ability as well.
    If you are going for a Sniper playstyle grab Cloak.
    Next up we have Blur and this is if you want to close distances fast. Maybe you prefer melee attacks or maybe you prefer blasting with the shotgun up close. Either way if you like close range work this EGO power is for you.
    The perks that you get for this EGO power seem to center around increasing speed and melee damage.
    If you are going for a Shotgun build then pick up Blur as that should help you a lot.
    The final EGO power is Overcharge and this will increase your damage as well as reload your weapon. If you are going for pure damage then this is the power for you. You can use this EGO power with weapons that have a high reload rate like SMG’s or LMG’s as you will reload as soon as active. You can also get a perk with this power that will reload your secondary weapon which is very handy to know that is always ready to use.
    Awesome for power and really overpowered early in the game. The only downside is defence as there is none!
    Still if you are going for damage this is the EGO power for you.
    You can always respect of course but try and pick your EGO powers to the way you want to play and remember to look at the perks next to them.

    3.GREEN GEAR - A good reason to stick to the main story missions is that you will get green gear faster. It is not perfect by any means but greens are a lot better than standard issue. Within 30 minutes you can have a green pistol, green shotgun, shield and grenade. Also make sure you actually replace your gear in your loadout screen.

    4.DECOY RECOMMENDED FOR NEW PLAYERS - When you start out you will want to pick the best EGO powers and I suggest if you are new to go for Decoy. You can read about the EGO powers and perks but the main thing to remember is to pick one to match your playstyle.

    Following the tips above you should be able to make much faster progress through the game.


    1. MAIN MISSIONS & SIDE MISSIONS- Doing the main missions is a very decent way to gain EGO and get scripts. My friends and I are racing to see who can get EGO the fastest and who can get the most script and so far doing Main missions & side missions seem to be the fastest at the moment also we are gaining a decent amount of drops and scripts. It is a mmo so we all know there will be more updates and releases on ways to train more efficiently, this is just the best method that i know of at the moment.

    2. SCOUT MISSIONS & PURSUITS - Also, a great way to boost your EGO level (not leveling up, but the EGO level itself) is by doing the pursuits. For example, if you do the 'scout' missions in the first area (visits all the locations, doing the time trials and rampages, finding the recorders) you get about 25 EGO from the missions apart (5x5) and another 40 EGO for completing them all. Plus you get a new outfit and headgear.


    1. DAMAGE AND WEAK SPOTS - Normal shots is just weapon damage x1.00 (100%), critical hits depend on your weapon (some weapons have x1.30 (130%), other have x1.50 (150%) or 1.80x (180%) and some enemies have armored spots. I think (don't know for sure) you deal 50% of your normal damage if you hit a Hellbug on his shell and it crits when you hit the weak spot. They dont really have normal spots... The sound also changes when hitting a vital area. When hitting the head on a human or vital area of a hellbug the pitch of the sound goes up and is slightly different. That way you can tell if you are striking a vital area with out having to have the damage numbers on.

    2. GRENADES & DODGING - use your grenades as much as you possibly can and constantly roll when under attack to avoid damage, always try to find cover behind a bunker and let your health restore before going back out in combat.

    3. GOOD WEAPON SET UP - I find that having a shotgun for my secondary weapon helps a lot when ever i have to take cover or go into close quarter combat. for example, when using my primary weapon out in the open and i start taking damage i will roll and take cover to a bunker or hide behind any object i can find and quickly take out my shotgun and lay low because your opponents will come after you regardless and this way you can blow them away quickly and will get max hits when using the shotgun in close quarters and potentially save your life, it has saved me many times.

    4. WHEN SHOOTING THE ARKFALL CRYSTALS - hit crystal deal little damage. Hit yellow spot on bubble deal moderate damage hit orange area around yellow do massive damage and both bubble shots get numbers in yellow like a crit.


    1. HELLBUGS - Hellbugs the Orange spots on their body are usually where the crit spots are I.E. the mouth as well as the tail and the underbelly of certain ones.

    2. MUTANTS - ALways aim for the head on mutants and human form monsters for critical damage.


    1. WHEN MODDING - basic guide:
    DO NOT MOD the gun in your hand you have to UNEQUIP it first
    DO NOT MOD when your about to lose connection, go into a load screen mp/ fast travel, server updates, defiantly NOT during the 10 minute countdown for the add mod slot
    you need lots of green currency (scrap the grenades and the shields usually) and a weapon that is mod-able,
    now you can mod most weapons.
    when your in your inventory look at the gun description do you see 4 boxes? if yes you can mod it.
    now the top box is for the stock
    2nd box if for barrel
    3rd box is for ammo/magizine size
    4th box is scope
    if you see pictures you can install the mod right away
    if it a box with a dash in it, you have to "add mod slots" and it random (fun) it take like 10 minutes, and cost green currency, and more expensive if you do all 4 slots depending on the gun its 2,100 to 6,400 green currency

    if the gun you find/buy has something in there you cannot break it down and get the mod, just what you install.

    you want the mod back you have to destroy the gun
    TO BUY MODS travel to Iron Demon Ranch. there a couple more spots too
    YOU CAN NOT MOD SHIELDS/GRENADES, maybe they will update

    im not responsible if the game eats your gun


    1. UNLOCKING PERK SLOTS-you unlock perk slots at 20, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000 & 4000 ego rating


    1. SALVAGING TIPS - It is a pretty easy process and there are a few things that are worth bearing in mind.
    Not all items can be salvaged at the beginning of the game so don’t worry if you do not see the option on all items. All you need to do to get started is go to the load out screen and then go to Modifications at the top of that screen.
    Select the item you want to salvage and then Click on “Breakdown to resources” – this will give you the Ark resources you need to add modification slots to weapons.
    Mod slots come in four different types and these are Barrel, Magazine, Sight and Stock.
    Mods are also restricted on what weapon they can be used on. So if you end up with a mod for a sniper rifle and you know that you are not a sniper or will never use it – it is a good idea to break it down to resources.
    Another thing worth bearing in mind is that not all weapons can have mods so you might want to change your weapons to ones that can have mods and make some basic weapons more powerful.
    When you hover over a mod you will get a tool-tip that will tell you a bit about it and then you can choose whether you want to hold on to it or break it down to resources.
    Another option for mods that you will not use is of course to sell them – either way free up those inventory slots from mods that you won’t use and start making some awesome modes for weapons that you will!


    1. WEAPONS These are the follow types of weapons listed that we know of:

    Assault Rifles
    Bio-Magnetic Guns
    Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles
    Charged Sniper Rifles
    Combat Shotguns
    Detonators (Grenade Launchers)
    Light Machine Guns
    Pump Shotguns
    Rocket Launchers (Guided)
    Sawed-Off Shotguns
    Semi-Auto Sniper Rifles
    Sub Machine Guns

    Different type's of ammo/variations will depend on the quest rewards or random drops.
    (You can view some of the weapons and detailed descriptions here - Weapon Descriptions)

    *Additionally to the character leveling system there will be a weapon type leveling system as well. The more you use a certain type of weapon eventually you will level and it will raise the stats for that weapon type.

    2. DAMAGE TYPES - There are a number of damage types to include:

    Electrical – Stuns targeted enemy and nearby enemies for a short period. The burst of electrical activity will short out the Heads Up Display provided by the ego for this duration.
    Incendiary – Lights targeted enemy aflame, harming him for a short period of time.
    Biological – Attaches biological compounds to a target, slowing them down and causing them to do less damage for a short period of time.
    Radiation – Irradiates the target, weakening their armor and causing them to take more damage from attacks for a short period of time.
    Syphon – Steals health from the target http://forums.defiance.com/clear.gifand transfers it back to the shooter.

    ***There will be 5 additional load outs, which you will be able to swap out on the fly after you unlock them.


    1. TYPE OF FACTIONS - There will be many different factions throughout the game. These are the following factions that we currently know of (more TBD):

    Top-Notch Toolworks
    Soleptor Enterprises
    Von Bach Industries
    Paradise Territory

    2. FACTION REPUTATIONS - Each faction will have their own reputation system, like WoW, the more reputation the better unlocks/rewards you can get from them.

    Hostile factions include:

    Dark Matter
    Hellbugs (scientific name Scylla Formicida)
    Earth Military Coalition or Mutants

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    Step 1: Log in

    Step 2: Be synched with the server

    Step 3: ???

    Step 4: Profit

    1 and 2 are harder than you might think.


    Ahhh launch day... the memories...

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    Would like to see information on the nano effects, how to tell if they work with melee or by shot, what their effect is, % chance of it activating before perks added in.... how critical shots are determined? % of critical before perks... Do certain weapons give more chance of critical shots ie... Pistols > LMG's?

    Basic stuff.... that is forgotten to be told to us in the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GodSpark View Post
    Step 1: Log in

    Step 2: Be synched with the server

    Step 3: ???

    Step 4: Profit

    1 and 2 are harder than you might think.

    Lmao!!! True story- i chuckled after reading this haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lomax View Post
    Would like to see information on the nano effects, how to tell if they work with melee or by shot, what their effect is, % chance of it activating before perks added in.... how critical shots are determined? % of critical before perks... Do certain weapons give more chance of critical shots ie... Pistols > LMG's?

    Basic stuff.... that is forgotten to be told to us in the game.
    Lomax i agree i will add this in the question list! this is a big question for all of us.

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    And yes their servers did have problems but you have to give them credit for releasing the game on three consoles at once.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lomax View Post
    Would like to see information on the nano effects, how to tell if they work with melee or by shot, what their effect is, % chance of it activating before perks added in.... how critical shots are determined? % of critical before perks... Do certain weapons give more chance of critical shots ie... Pistols > LMG's?

    Basic stuff.... that is forgotten to be told to us in the game.
    You don't have a 'chance' for a critical hit, this is a skill-based shooter. You can see it more clearly if you turn on damage numbers. Shooting a humanoid in the head is a critical hit (and does X times the multiplier damage, depends on the weapon), for those hellbugs it's mostly the mouth etc. It's not a chance-based thing, you have to aim and hit the weak spots, then you get critical hits

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    i will put this in as answered. thank you Bronson

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    No problem, always trying to help
    Ours is the Fury!

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    just added the combat tips and strategys section

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