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    I haven't forgotten: Dark Matter Hulker

    This is a very early work in progress. I'm Just trying to get a feel the shape before committing to detail.

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    Seeing as Hulkers are humans, Dark Matter would not welcome them into their ranks, regardless of how powerful they may be. Maybe they could kidnap some Iraths and pump them full of drugs to make their own.

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    My idea was captured Hulker turned into a cybernetic weapon/slave. It would be a tool not a compatriot.

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    Well, even if you don't like the lore any suggestions on design? I'm on my 3rd or 4th iteration of the forearm and I'm still not liking it.

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    Neat. His cup doesn't cover his whole package though.

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    Nice how powerful will it be.

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    How can we kill it on the XBOX

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbad4u2003 View Post
    How can we kill it on the XBOX
    You have to shoot it.
    Watch me and the bat duke it out in The Unofficial Defiance Role Play Forum (Rules here). All are welcome!!
    Great clan PvP idea.
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    Tyber: Package will be repackaged
    BigBad: No clue how powerful, and it's a personal project. I don't work for Trion.
    Chris: Yes a whole lot.

    When I'm finished if Trion wants it I'll give it to them.

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    Has Trion accepted user content before?
    I think if there was a way for user content to be incorporated in the game it would increase interest and involvement. I would love to produce some custom skins or a coop map or mp arena. They should make a dev kit.
    A full or partial texture package would be a fun challenge, too.

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