What's up people. I'm working on a new show for my Youtube channel called Paradise. The show would be a discussion of different gaming topics most dealing with Defiance but some not. This will be on the Xbox 360 console.

1) You must be very dedicated to the project. I need a team that can be counted on. That means showing up and being ready on our agreed recording time each week.

2) There is no cursing or trolling at ALL.

3) You must be at least 18years old.

4) You must have a knowledge of gaming. If you are wondering what I mean, check out the vid. I explain it.

And that's it. I'm looking to start as early as next Thursday if we have a solid team by then.
If you are interested pls contact me via email @

You may also use: or . Contact name on FaceBook is Jago A. James. Holla at me. Have a GREAT day everyone.