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Thread: OctoShop

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    ~ Looking for :

    Recoil Dampener IV (Sol's Prominence)
    Power Choke IV (Sol's Prominence)
    Rapid Shot Pod IV (Sol's Prominence)

    I Think I can help you out with these ^.^

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    Member MaliaHale's Avatar
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    Mar 2016
    Hi octo! i'd like to buy the mods below if they are still available, pm me when you are online please! thanks :P

    Ep Recoil Buttstock
    Ep Rapid Shot Pod
    Ep Scatter Scope
    HP Recoil Dampener
    Grenadier Force Accelarator
    Grenadier Reserve Chamber

    *Lol, sorry for buying this many mods, but i need them all*

    IGN: MaliaHale
    Ego: 6000

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    I want to buy Eternal mazu blast rifle and I want to see VOT longshot cannon

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    May 2015
    In my House...
    I will buy your TN boomer i have scrip please reserve.

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    Would like this: Rad FRC Quick Repeater (Assassin / reload,crit,dmg,dmg / Dmg mastery / Full T4-T5) 5900 - 2m

    If you still have it. Thanks

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    I want to buy VOT Longshot Cannon for 500k {Pm Me} in game please

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    Jan 2016
    can i get these if available?
    Rad Blight Bolter (crit,reload,dmg,firerate / 1 T4 barrel) 6000 - 150k
    Rad Respark Regen IV EX (+75% HP regen) 6000 - 100k

    ign: MH-60L DAP
    usually always online 1 hour before daily contract timer reset...

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    Hey is this thread updated? i want to buy this mods,,sure buyer here

    halow point sniper mods
    Extended Sniper Mag IV
    Sniper Recoil Stock IV

    and if you have some t4 tach barrel/ultra bore HP syn ill buy it too

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    Quote Originally Posted by FellixCross View Post
    Hey is this thread updated?
    Of course !
    I just need your IGN to find you

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    im currently online now

    IGN: FellixCross

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