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Thread: OctoShop

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    Nope, it's not a mistake.
    Mods update: Done !

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    trade for
    EP Sledge arm and Reserve Chamber ?

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    Nice layout, especially like the weapon graphic

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    Mar 2015
    Bio Fatal Attraction (Full T4 / Velocity mastery) 6000 - 1m

    I'll take this

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    Night Vale
    Hi Octo, can I get the Black Cat for my low EGO alt?

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    Feb 2015
    Cronus ~ Clan
    Thorny rose and stalking stuffer I'll take those.

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    Would like a few mod sets if still available:

    Hallow Point: Assault Scope, Power Bore, High Cap Mag, ERR
    Sols Prominence: Commando Scope V, ERR, Power Bore, High Cap Mag

    I think that comes out to 750,000? Just let me know which are still available if not all. Thanks :3

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    IC shields and black cat

    I'm interested in both Ironclad shields and the black cat if you don't end up selling them, pm me in game, am on now GT Devlin D'Skyes thanks.

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    ............ and the 2 sol's dets, smg and sniper, all sol's prom. also please.

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    OCTO!!! I'd like to reserve all Sovereign t4 AR/SMG/LMG and Sniper mods you have- I'll hook you up =^.-=

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