I just want to say, I love this game.
It has a great many positive reasons to jump in your first time, and to continue on past the grind.
For free to play, its a dream come true, with very few rough edges for those who just want to populate the community and keep it active, and still earn exactly what a "DLC" or "continuous-pay-to-play" user earns.

I personally bought the holiday pass at 20$ (50% off reg price for all 5 DLCs)
and loaded 15$ more in Bits to get a few things extra.
Every penny of the 35$ I feel went to a Game Developing Company that hires game players, who want game players like themselves to enjoy their experience every day, regardless of how much money they spend.

That said, I want to further support the game's development. But the options in the shop are not what im interested in.

Im interested in small "micro transaction re-rolls".

I would like a menu where I can modify my weapon's rolls, either in batch or in individual selection options for small amounts of money. Like 10-25 cents to re-roll a specific category. 10 cents to randomly re-roll a specific category, and 25 cents to give a 25% added chance to get a perfect roll or effect of choice (pre-selected).

Batch re-roll:
50 cents to completely re-roll the weapon.
1$ to add a 25-35% chance to get Synergy and Effect desired (pre-selected) while re-rolling the other stats.

This is just a suggestion, and is open to positive criticism.
This is also from someone who wants to actively support the game but would like a more personal paid approach to what really matters; MY BOOM STICK. Please don't complain about the option just because its a "paid-for-option" suggestion.