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    New Enemy Type Suggestions

    I was just thinking over how there are bosses in this game, and they are enjoyable to fight against....
    but playing them repeatedly, lead me to think about how the phases of most boss fights are not that complex and the instances leading up to them are fairly linear. which I understand, is meant for a more accelerated gameplay, so everyone feels like they accomplished something within a short amount of time with as much activity as possible before the final shot is made. And so they can move on and earn more objective targets on their own path. its completely understandable and as well balanced as possible for as many players as possible.

    So I was hoping to add in a completely new enemy which has environments that's are not structured so linear.
    Which have complex boss fights, complex environments where enemies can take advantage of their mobility and stealth and the entire environment to overcome a target or team.

    After thinking for awhile about it I was drawn to thinking of an animal or insect or flying creature which exists and evolved in this type of environment. the only enemy type which I could think of that could put a player in a multi complex environment would be in the hive of an ant nest.
    So what I suggest for further End game development would to create an environment which has an enemy type which has a hive like structure. workers, solders, defenders, and all of them not confined to a linear movement or attack approach. have the defender enemy try to keep the archer type enemies alive, or little parasites which drop from the ceiling and don't bother the player, but if they reach an ally enemy, it can give a parasitic boost to the enemy. have entire caverns filling with enemies spewing out from hive holes, overwhelming us with panic, while trying to blow open a cave in!

    The lighting is a bit dim underground, maybe have bioluminescent creatures that give off light or have a light source that's their "weak point". Maybe large cavern incursions where there is no light, but from your flashlight and the skittering of the enemy on the ceiling and walls and floor. stalagmite concealment/cover. pools of acidic water to avoid. Maybe The Hive has an arch enemy like the Arachnids (spiders), and they are at a constant push at each other.
    Im not saying make an ant hive and toss us in there. I'm saying get creative with an enemy and environment which creates a more immersive feel.

    this is a rough idea, and needs a group of people to sit down and brainstorm over. im just tossin my 2 cents.
    Glad to hear positive feedback from this idea.

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    somewhere fighting warmaster
    a new afflicted boss would be nice too

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