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    The 13th Dragoons-Who We Are

    The 13th Dragoons is, officially, listed as a dead unit. Not much is know about their last mission save rumors of being sent on a suicide mission. The mission was to slow down an invading volge horde that was en route to the east coast until a proper defensive line could be set up. What is known is that they held their position for 3 days with no back up offered or sent. Only a single company survived the onslaught, and that due to a major razor hail storm that hit the area and taking out many of the volge. That last company quickly took advantage of the chaos of most of the volge leadership for the assualt having gone down in the storm and finishing off the assault. The only Volge that escaped was a Grand Warmaster that had taken out two platoons and teleported to safety as its troops began to fall to the hail, but not before the humans got a shot off from an artillery that was still working and melting half of its face away. After the storm was over and the last Volge slain, Blackgut, the only commander left of the entire company gathered the remaining men. He then gave them a choice: Go back to the EMC, the ones who had sent them on this mission and then abandoned them or to follow him from the field in search of the Grand Warmaster that has slaughtered so many of their friends, comrades, and to some, even family. Not a single soldier turned from the task of revenge and today they are known as a mercenary company that specialize in hunting down and killing the Volge wherever they raise their metal, despicable heads and in teaching the free territories how to defend themselves. Their arsenal of weapons puts any regular army to shame with the looted weapons they retrieve from Volge, raiders, mutants and even Dark Matter. Nearly every major company has called upon their specialized skills in the frontiers of the terraformed earth, most recently by one Karl Von Bach on his mission to Paradise and San Francisco. An advance party was on the New Freedom when it was brought down but has since been joined by ark hunters who relish a fight against the enemies they face. All of their members have lost something to the Volge whether it be family or homes. They welcome all who defend those who can't and are willing to learn. In the 13th Dragoons, no one fights alone. They continue their search for the Grand Warmaster to this day and follow the half faced demon wherever they hear of his emegence from hiding

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    thanks for editing it and posting it
    13th dragoons founder na
    one of defiance oldest clan
    ashes eu

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    Its the year 2050 and the 13th dragoons find them selves back in the bay area after they received an request from the local lawkeeper that their have been an increase of volge sighting in the area including a possible warmaster . many friends allies brothers in arms were lost over the years while hunting that one warmaster that got away but many new face have join the 13th dragoons quest and their all sure of one thing their wont be any volge surviving this time
    13th dragoons founder na
    one of defiance oldest clan
    ashes eu

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