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    Simple ideas for pvp

    1.) increase the score rewarded for capturing a point in capture & hold.
    • This will encourage players to play the objectives instead of treating C&H matches like they are Team Death Match. some players go through a C&H match with 30+ kills and 0 or 1 captures. all they do is spawn camp, or camp bases without any regard to defending or attacking. They just want to be #1 on the score list. currently, you get 100 for neutralizing and 100 for capturing which is worth 2 kills. That should sound appealing enough, but when those players who are only interested in kills start showing up down in the middle of the list instead of the top, they may actually start playing the objectives.

    2.) add a bonus for winning!
    • why is there no bonus for winning? you get 2 keycodes either way in my experience.

    3.) do not count kills to or from players within a radius of their spawn point.
    • This will discourage spawn camping and camping at a spawn point. This mostly applies to Freight Yard where a team will advance all the way to the other team's base, capture the nearest point then "spawn camp" which is when you wait for the enemy to spawn and kill them before they leave their starting area. removing the kill counter from that area won't remove that activity in desperate situations, but at least some people will wait for them to leave their base before sniping. Like-wise, some players stay at their spawn point and snipe because they feel that is their only option to fight against spawn campers

    4.) Reduce ALL damage (& BMG healing) done to players from players in pvp.
    • Currently, weapon selection matters WAY more than skill. I won't name anyone specifically but I know a girl who has never played any other games in her life, but can still 1-shot just as good as a "skilled" player because she has certain weapons. The only presence of "skill" in this game is how well you can avoid being 1-shotted by particular weapons. if all damage is reduced, there will no longer be so many easy 1-shot weapons (a headshot with a sniper rifle should still 1-shot because of the critical multiplier) which will encourage the use of other (preferred) weapons and strategic actions instead of picking whatever weapon can deliver the most damage in it's first shot.

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    Players will still spawn camp in Cap and Hold if it means having the upper hand for a few minutes to hold all points to tick up the score to get a lead.

    I agree with giving players some more points for capturing them. As it is now for myself I will be capturing a point and leave when another teammate comes by and let them finish it. Capturing Points should be more important but then again the objective is winning so sometimes personal points don't matter.

    Reducing all damage on all weapons wont solve a thing. It would just be lowing the bar all while still keeping everything where they are at. And having 1 shot kills exclusive to snipers in a would be world of weaker ARs and SMGs would leave them way outclassed.

    BMGs should only out source healing and shouldn't self heal. There's heal stims and plenty of synergies that help in the healing department now at days. Bunny hopping with a personal Mass Effect generator to constantly shoot one self's shields up is BS. (Fyi its just not a PvP thing as a player can single handily speed run through multiple Expert maps without fret for the fact they can just keep recharging their shields. I know from experience. )

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    maybe 10 seconds of invincable once you revive to prevent campers since itll allow the dead to have 10 seconds to nail the campers

    anyone who spawn kills needs to grow a set of balls if they have to camp to get kills they shouldnt be doing pvp its just cowardly to spawn kill

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    A lot of the times players play into it. Very rarely in Capture and Hold you get a full team lining up to barricade an other team from flying out of their spawn on quads by standing in a line across or something. Most the time they keep on hammer heading into the Captured point closest to their spawn instead of going past it and getting the other 2.

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    on cod ghosts i would barge through to a flag to try to break the spawn trappers while others pick them off i have terrible accursy 0.410 >.<

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nefarious View Post
    Players will still spawn camp in Cap and Hold if it means having the upper hand for a few minutes to hold all points to tick up the score to get a lead.
    Yeah, it's not going to remove it from happening, but at least they won't be getting points/kill-count for it. It's going to happen either way unless the map is made in a way that disallows it (walls, invisible barriers,etc)
    Quote Originally Posted by Nefarious View Post
    having 1 shot kills exclusive to snipers in a would be world of weaker ARs and SMGs would leave them way outclassed.
    I wasn't saying sniper rifles should be the only 1-hit kill. I was just pointing out that if you get a headshot, Your critical multiplier will probably make it a 1-shot still. That applies to all weapons with good crit multipliers. This would let skilled aim really shine. my point about reducing the damage across-the-board was to allow skilled players a difference from the random noobs with good weapons.

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