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    Easter Jackpot Weapon: ZomBunny BrainsHound

    just a personal craving to see this weapon made...

    an Easter jackpot SMG BloodHound Collector weapon.

    basically a Defiant Few BloodHound, that looks like a zombie bunny. How cool would that be, eh?

    you're firing a zombie bunny with zombie easter egg munitions, or brains munitions....

    it would be cool if you had a set of Zombunny mods,
    like the scope would have zombie vision, and it could detect heat through walls or something.
    maybe the weapon would look like a docile bunny, until you started adding mods, then its like its got the virus, and it changes into Zombunny BrainsHound.

    here are a few pictures to set your mind in motion, of how cool it would be to have one....

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    I was hoping for a infecter type that spawns those :0

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