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    Stalker Infector?

    Doesn't seem to affect homing range at all is it a bug or something?

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    It affects range, not homing range.
    You can stand farther away from your target to hit it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fuzzy View Post
    It affects range, not homing range.
    You can stand farther away from your target to hit it.
    I always figured they were the same thing since it doesn't show plain Range on infector stats, so what is the base range for infectors?

    Quote Originally Posted by Rashere View Post
    They're two different things. Range increases the maximum range of the weapon or, in the case of infectors, the homing range of the needles. Falloff distance increases the distance you can be from the target before your weapon damage starts to decrease.

    Stalker's previous description said that it increases weapon range, but it was actually increasing falloff distance. Falloff distance isn't useful on guns like the infector and weapon range isn't useful on guns that already have a long range, so I made it affect both falloff damage distance and range so it'll be useful to more weapons now.

    Also Rash said it affected homing range q.q

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    It is infact still broken. Weather the homing range stat changes or not tested them with and without the stalker bonus lit up in duels and still same range either way!

    Don't understand how trion have a x1.15 range mastery that works but stalker does nothing?

    Surely it can't be that hard to fix considering there is clearly already a working roll in the mastery to the same effect!

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    Well that sucks, it's the only reason I bought the jackpot infector -_- trion once again never fails to impress.

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