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    What was coming to post tho was can you tell Nick i'm using a third kik account on a new phone: CPC_Temos


    oh and my request to join the fb group is pending from a fair while to the past


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    one other thing. i was hoping to carry on the memory of The Browncoats clan of Defiance,

    ( which you Cygnus i think know i put so much time into uncovering the truth of why it came to pieces, plus work to try to restore it )

    through our story in some way, through naming ships, ship classes, pieces of technology or places after the clan or those of it in some way.

    Through the founder of The Browncoats 'Rooster' or one of the other ex Browncoats, contacting me to tell me the peace of mind the work had resulted in,

    plus the recent happenings on the past Browncoats thread http://forums.defiance.com/showthrea...ght=Browncoats

    plus thoughts of the story work put to paper / type today for the Lucals story, in connection with the memory of The Browncoats,

    i think through the fresh expansion of the story work today, there's a cool way to.

    With the last conflict of the story work thus far, i though of it as mostly a fleet conflict campaign, of ship to ship conflict.

    Were we to take it that conflict takes place too on Earth and the other planets of the system, then while Earth with its upper atmosphere radiation makes troop transportation to the surface troublesome for the opposing military, there is conflict on Earth through various theatres of war.

    To which there's a time when a civilian populace too far from UCM troops is spared when a past connection is honored,

    with the coming of a strong task force of the troops, vehicles, fighter aircraft, troop transports, helicopters, vtols etc

    a child from a village watches from a grassy hill with wonder as the reformed 57th Overlanders ( the troop brigade the early Mal Reynolds was with in the TV series Firefly / Browncoats )

    clash with its military might with the opponents of Earth on the open plain.

    i think this is a truer testimony or way to honor them through our work.


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    I love it. Im picturing the ship battle to be like the one in serenity. Big!!!

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