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    not sure how to upload an image lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Letda Dewa View Post
    not sure how to upload an image lol
    imgur.com is a free, popular image uploading site, there's a link at the top to upload.

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    screen shots wouldnt work for some reason so I had to use my phone lel

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    Aww man. I might be too late by an hour, lol. Or does it run through today?? Kept tellin myself everyday this week not to forget too. Haha. Ill add mine anyway just incase

    EDIT:nevermind it was already 1 a.m. here on the east coast.lol forgot the sites on pacific time

    My main:

    My alts:

    My quintuplets on the EU server:

    Yep. I have quite a few. They serve thier purposes

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    Get your entries in before 3/21/15 11:59PM EST!

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    happy hunting to all the defiance fighter - may oj luck be with you
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    thanks n good luck to all participants
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    Menetekel reporting in

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    Thanks a bunch.

    Good Hunting everyone.

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    Thank you!

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