Okay, as the title says this may be a fix to the friendlist bug that is game crippling. It has worked for my girlfriend twice and me once (using different ps3s and Internet connections). We are in the same clan and are always in a group on mic so its pretty easy to know when its happened. Group gets disbanded and "*in game name* is now offline" appears in the clan chat channel.

Having to wait till daily reset can ruin gameplay, especially when its 12hrs away. When it happened to my girlfriend my mind started ticking over with possible fixes etc. I'll run through exactly how it went down, and we did this again when it happened to me a different time and it worked like a charm.

We were at overpass and the bug decided to rear its ugly head and my girlfriend was supposedly offline even though she was stood in front of me and jumping up n down. I sent her a group invite (which can only be done via nearby as requests sent through friendslist don't deliver). She accepted and we talked about possible fixes, let it be noted that its really important you dont restart the game becausethe fix may not work otherwise. I remembered how entering instances could fix mic chat in the clan channel so suggested she tried shadow war, unfortunately it left her in a never ending "waiting for group members" thing and she was unable to leave group through her quick menu (and even if I left it still showed her as in a group on her screen). I racked my brain for other options that were instance, or instance like and it hit me. The global transport teleport at overpass, it wasn't an instance but it looked like one and didn't matter whether she was grouped to go through it and well... we were running out of options. Lol. I wished her luck and she went through. As she came out the otherside she was online in the clan chat channel again XD also, clan mic chat worked again and she could leave the group. Everything looked ok, except her friendlist was still bugged so we risked a full reload & it worked! Fixed.

It happened to me on another occasion and it worked like a charm, I'll put some pointers here so others can try it when it happens to them.

*WHEN BUG HITS DO NOT RELOAD GAME, cannot stress the importance of this part

*not sure if relevant but we always grouped straight after bug hit, so try and group with person you were grouped with (people suffering bug will only receive group requests from 'nearby' in the quick menu)

*head to overpass

*go through the global transport

As you arrive in silicon valley you should be online again (it'll say you are online in clan chat channel) but your friendlist will still be bugged... a full reload fixes this.

And that is about it. Good luck people, hope this works for you.