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    Looking for a Clan

    New but not to Defiance. Used to play Defiance back before it went FTP, bought the game when it first came out. Got to around 1120 but ended up moving on to other games such as Destiny. Decided to give the game another shot due to need a game for me and my girlfriend to play together and have been quite enjoying myself.

    So i'm looking for a decent clan that would be willing to catch me up to speed on the game. I'm a late night gamer (after 10pmEST). And will likely being joined in the game by my girl sometime over the next few days.

    GamerTag: DrewMav
    Character: Kairos Mav
    Xbox GammerTag: DrewMav

    Andrew Mav - Ego 1120 *April 16, 2015*

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    Feel free to check out the Only Human clan page and feel free to send me an xbox live message my gt is Thorax the Dark and welcome back to Defiance!

    Founder of Only Human
    GamerTag : Thorax the Dark

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    Hello, if you are still looking to join a clan, or just want someone to group up with and kill stuff, send me a message on XBL my gamertag is RankRazr666

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    Greetings, glad to help out if your still looking. We have plenty of cats who have payed attention while you were away and we're glad to share said knowledge and give you a leg up.
    GT: DaemonXdiaboluS
    IGN: Fatal Grymm
    Clan: 8up

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    if u want ina clan msn me it gt: roddyliveclan85 it a real good clan 3100 4 the clan??

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