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    not able to log in since the new patch

    i updated Defiance for the new patch, and for some reason i had a successful update, yet when i click the PLAY button, it shades out the "PLAY" button and seems to go into a quick "self-check or verification", then it just un shades the "PLAY" button and nothing happens.
    if i press play again, the short process of some "self check" happens, but thre is no loading of the game. i can press play as many times as i want, but it seems to be caught in some redundant loop.

    i am aware of bugs when a MAJOR update happens.
    i hope your team is not too stressed, and this little bug can be resolved.
    Thank you for reviewing my "log-in" issue.

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    Jan 2015

    rebooted my computer twice, still wont let me log on.

    since the first posting of my log-in issues, I have rebooted my computer to factory settings twice. let me tell you how disappointed I am to lose my entire hard drive so that I can "in all hopes" log onto Defiance.
    I am still experiencing the exact same issue.
    After a compete wipe of my system and re-install of Steam and Defiance, i should not have any corrupted files. so this bug must be very specific, maybe to my account only, because no one else has posted any similar comments.
    could someone from tech support please respond to this post.
    i spent a fair amount of time and money on this game, and would really like to access my account.

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    did you turn in a ticket for this yet? if no you need to cause mostly they dont read the forum. also try the chat feature it may take awhile of waiting but it does help

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