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Thread: audio issues

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    audio issues

    so every time I enter a major arkfall or expedition my audio gets all choppy and then goes mute. At first I thought it might be a system issue but then I asked around the game chat and it seems other people are having the same exact issues. I haven't seen anyone post about this yet and wanted to make sure the devs knew about this problem.

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    Audio gets choppy when scrolling through inventory too. It's weird.
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    My problem I have with audio is, and this happens on daily basis. The sounds does out. And what I mean by that is. Sounds like the speakers are blown out in my tv. And I know it's the game because it does not do it for any other game . And I can have it really loud when I watch tv shows. And it's been like this for more than a year. It may be the download copy doin it.i don't treatment it doin it when I had the disc. But I could be wrong. When I have my headset in charge and I have it on it becomes very sensitive and I've had other people ask what they sound is and I tell em it's the game sound going out

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    Most PC speakers will happily plug into a headphones out socket, your tv will probably have one, some TVs will also have the red/white audio out which some other speakers may require.
    Best Wireless Speakers For TV from AudioReputation may be helpful article.

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