I like many have several concerns so i thought i would post them. Please let me know what you think.
Requisition points - instead of everyone always running out and not being able to complete daily & weeklies that require you to use them beside having to purchase how about another way to earn extra like maybe a daily and weekly pursuit to give extra opportunity to get all pursuits finished.
ik some ppls nades have been fixed but some of us still cant pick them up on all toons. i personaly have 3 current toons and 1 still is unable to pick them up.
as a plus i also like pvp but when i get killed 5 times while im still seeing a loading screan... get frustrating. posibly loading pvps away from where opponents are waiting. also been having issues with a few players going invisible (seriously you cant kill what you cant see... side note name tag can been seen)
Ik i went long with a few thoughts but i dooo have many more. and again please let me know what you all think aswell