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Thread: Expeditions

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    Hey Trion !
    We loved your defiance ! But the Expeditios are a cheat against us all ! Come to us at home,and try to do that here ! You kick the *** of all your fans !
    I hate companies who need to do that sh!t to get money....moneymoneymoney...sh!t on the heads of the players !!!!
    And that are all old maps ! You have done nothing for the money you want now !
    Yeah,we want to pay the good work of developers,but not with a knife in our backs !!!
    Fu you

    And now you can ban me...because i said the truth and what i think...and i know that this is forbidden ...hahaha

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    And the game is really broken after the last patch.Grenades are not counting when you pick them,hard freezes are back,i lost hunter reqs because the server kicked me or for no reason,lost the progress of expeditions for no reason after killing the boss of round 5,having lag on pvp since days ago...they want money,they add new stuffs to buy,but the game is not even working good enough to play a hour without a problem.And yesterday they suspended my account for something i said on zone chat a month ago XD
    Danchou - mdarkraciel

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