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    Worthwhile and worthless weapon types.

    So I've been working on my Infantry Veteran character and while I find the LMG to be extremely useful in just about every situation, I recently decided to start working on other weapon types enough to start leveling them up past weapon skill rank 2. I figured I may as well use Detonators and Launchers since Raiders and Mutants seems to be good at using them against me. Well, it seems that I'm finding out their shortcomings already.

    So is it just me or are some weapon types like Detonators and Rocket Launchers just doomed to be worthless for almost the entire game? It just seems strange that my VOT Auto Lobber does a mere 800 damage per explosion, yet my Frontier SAW does 404 per hit with a MUCH higher magazine size. Rocket Launchers I understand are more for anti-vehicle approaches, as most are just as damaging as a BASR shot to the torso to a raider/99er.

    I think aside from a huge lack of damage per shot and tiny explosion radius, my biggest gripe about the Detonators (my second fave weapon next to LMG) is the pathetic crosshairs they use. In almost every shooter game on the market, using a grenade launcher creates that vertical range-assist that helps you in determining how high you need to aim the weapon for it to land on or near your target. It's far from perfect, but the [ ] style crosshair they have right now is essentially useless, which just makes the already poor damage seem even worse.

    Yet I hear that in the endgame, Detonators and Launchers are right next to LMGs in how powerful they are, am I missing something? Does it really take -that- long for Detonators and Launchers to be seen as useful weapons in PvE?

    On a final note for the PvPers, if the weapons are indeed very nasty to fight, then just ask for separate damage and radius values for PvP so that the PvE people don't have to suffer from blanket nerfs.

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    The thing that separates Detonators and Launchers from other weapons is that they are area of effect (AoE) weapons. The Auto Lobber's damage will affect multiple targets while your SAW will only affect one. Additionally this also means you don't have to be quite as accurate as you do with a direct-fire weapon.

    In combat situations these weapons are generally most effective against multiple enemies at once (like a Hellbug Skitterling swarm). Depending on the specific type of weapon they may also have other uses (For example i have a rocket launcher that releases cluster munitions on impact which are very good at getting underneath Hellbug warriors and exploding on their soft spots)

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    I've found all SAWs and the VBI CS-X Cluster Shots to be the only weapons I've ever needed, the combo is just ridiculous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xendhaius View Post
    I've found all SAWs and the VBI CS-X Cluster Shots to be the only weapons I've ever needed, the combo is just ridiculous.
    This is more or less what I'm experiencing as well, minus the Clustershots as I have yet to find any and closing in on 400 ego. I don't want the LMG nerfed despite how godly it is when Overcharge is up, as that revolves around an Ego power, but rather I'd like to see the more worthless weapons given a buff. I just finished Explosions 101 and I was using a purple AR and as much fun as I had with it against the boss, I probably would've done much more damage using my purple Frontier SAW.

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    So not long after the servers came back up I went to the Top Notch vendor and bought the Big Boomer Detonator. Holy crap is that thing just awesome. 1,500 max damage, sticky grenades, and a 2 round magazine. It made getting the 5 kills in one explosion against hellbug skitterlings during the Safe Passage side mission a walk in the park. It's great for firing on Gold Rushers and waiting until they are next to a couple explosive barrels and then detonating the grenades and barrels.

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    The only LMG I've found so far has been some burst fire thing and it was absolutely garbage.
    I have a Detonator and a Launcher that I use for Arkfalls, since the aggro is nowhere near me and I can fire as free as I please.

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