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    In earth, PS3 NA to be exact.

    T^T 25? any help in getting roadkills?

    I've been playing a long time now and still haven't got that 25 roadkills for the damn trophy -_-
    I found a good way to do some few roadkills in pvp by ramming a player knocking them down and immediately goin out of the car, throwing a grenade and then goin back in. counts as a roadkill
    but yeah, all those awful boomer guys keep destroyin my car and killing me -_-
    so any help or info to get this faster? I don't think my friends are interested in doing this and I don't have a lot..T^T
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    let me give you a clue... the kills dont need to be other players....
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    Pointless doing them the trophy does not unlock I have helped several players try this not one of them have had the trophy unlock,a friend helped me with it we counted over 100kills still no trophy if you do a search here on the forum there are quite a few threads about the trophies not popping
    But hey welcome to Defiance

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    my friend got it yesterday.
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    Drive the Cerberus (Shadow Wars and Freightyard). Before going out, make sure it's level 20 for maximum everything. If it's not level 20, ram the unoccupied runners in your own base. It levels up your skill by insane amounts. Doing nothing but that, I leveled up my Cerberus skill from 4 to 20 in a single game. Then just lie in wait where you think they'll pass through and boost away. It might take several rams to kill just one person, but keep at it. I could usually score between 2 and 3 a game in Freightyard.

    Again, I can't speak for trophies on the PS3, but achievements unlock as normal on the 360.

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    Dug deep for this one eh?
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    I remember trying to get this done in freight yard by knocking players in to the pit.
    Must of done 40 odd kills this way and it still wouldn't tick off so put in a ticket to support and they signed it off.
    Some how I don't think you're going to get the support needed to do that in fy on ps3.

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