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    Volge Swarm at the BathHouse (Scoring Glitch)

    I did the volge swarm event and recieved ZERO personal score after many direct kills (no help). Today there was an update... did something get messed up? I usually place in the top 10, but it said I had zero kills with almost 9 million damage... how does that happen? Is this a fluke? Or did someone goof with the scoring system?

    edit: what's funny is that I received a task completion for killing a viscera (can't remember exactly), but didn't credit me one bit for the kill............
    edit #2:
    I just redid this event without trouble... (#2 this time). I'm not sure what happened to the score on my previous attempt, but it sure did look ridiculous. The personal score did not move with any damage to a NPC. The possible fix (what I did) is to shut down and restart the game. Hopefully, if anyone else has this trouble that this will solve their problem... maybe.

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    I've noticed this problem with other events as well. Namely the new events. If you come into an event without hitting the smaller events it will NOT calculate the score or any kills. I started at the VERY beginning of the larger event and it didn't record the personal score or any event kills. This problem is very reproducible on all major events.

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    Larger issue at bay

    I was doing the volge event in san francisco, when I got to the bath house(at the very beginning) I noticed my score was back at zero. I only died once, and I checked my personal score earlier and it was at 27000. When I noticed that my score was zero AGAIN, I logged off... thinking that it would resolve the problem. When I logged back in, I was not at the Volge swarm event, but doing a scrapper event at the same location. Something is very wrong.

    Should I uninstall Defiance and Glyph, then attempt a reinstall? Other's may not pay attention to this, but it may be more wide spread than just me. I've been playing awhile now, and this has NEVER occurred before. My score should not be zeroing out when moving from sub event to the larger event, as it appears to be doing to me. Is my client broken? Is anyone else experiencing these issues?


    Edit: Another issue is that I've noticed the score doesn't always display on the screen during the event. I usually have to go to inventory and change weapons in order for the personal score to show up, however today that went right out the window. Even when I healed people, my score did nothing. Something is wrong. I'd really appreciate any ideas to resolve this issue.

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