Bug Reports and You!

Hey there ark hunters, I'd like to take a chance to talk about how you can submit helpful bug reports to our team.

When you encounter a bug and you want to submit a report, it's important to note why you think it's a bug in your report. If you were able to reproduce the issue more than once with the same steps you used previously, we need to know!

Let's get down to bug reporting formatting!

Please use this template when submitting bug reports:
  • Issue: Brief description of the issue.
  • Steps: Step by step instructions of how to recreate the issue.
  • Picture: Picture of the issue, if applicable and you think it will be valuable to the team.

When you're submitting the report, make sure to note the location if you think it will help us reproduce the issue. If there's something buggy that's blocking your progress, make sure to reach out to our support team with this information at support.trionworlds.com.