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    Supreme Weapons (and others) - Question Collection Thread

    I'll be heading off to Gamescom next week and will be catching up with LoCarb. If you have any questions you want me to ask him, with the recent Supreme weapon announcement in mind (or others if you prefer) please leave them here.
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    can supreme bonuses be rerolled with the up coming reroll addition?

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    If it does upgrade to supreme can we cancel and try again for a different supreme roll?
    Same question but for the roll reroll feature coming this month's patch?
    Can you make the roll reroll system allow old guns but ONLY for the epic roll?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Claydough View Post
    can supreme bonuses be rerolled with the up coming reroll addition?
    they've shown this on the live stream and i would assume it is on pts...the reroll goes all the way to supreme.

    i would like to know what they are going to do with the old bit store crate jackpots. I have an Assault Rifle and a Desperado, are they going to remember those weapons when they pass through the MKI guns? those are more important to me than any x2/x3 gun i own because they cost me real money.

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    Supreme Weapons

    My friends I think it isn't necessary Supreme Weapons (new weapons). The weapons in Defiance are great! All players have their preferred weapons. I believe that players want mastery your weapons until become them Supreme. For example, in the post above one player has a Desperado (which is a very rare weapon) and I think he want his weapon Supreme. I have a similar weapon to Desperado. I have VBI CS-X Cluster Shot purple and I turned into nano Radiation with mod converter radiation shot. It's my opinion mastery your weapons until turn into Supreme.

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    They said they would be looking into getting some of the outfits from lockboxes to the store. I was curious if they had made any progress. I remember them saying there was a hurdle with the coding for those items.

    With the Holiday's just around the corner, are we to expect the holiday events to return? The more important question regarding this is would the same synergy weapons be returning (purge for Halloween, Plate Slicer for Thanksgiving, etc)? Also will the same jackpots, titles, and outfits for those events be returning, or can we expect a different line up every year for one or more of those?
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    will they be increasing the the difficulty across the board to compensate for these overpowered supreme weapons?

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    What about an area on the map where the threat level is Always 10 or above, so that the high ego players have a bigger challenge? (with Good rewards.
    And also how about special mods dropping in the expeditions? Such as Spinal Tap and the others
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    Can we expect a spike in difficulty to be coming with supreme weapons?

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    when are the pvp changes coming?

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