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    Bug - Re-rolled 10% ego recharge on full reload

    Spent quite a bit of af re-rolling the epic roll on my blackened hellfire tachmag pulser, to 10% ego recharge on a full reload, my overcharge is not jumping up like it should be on a full reload, I have tested against a natural ego on recharge weap, and I am 100% sure on my re-rolled bh tachmag ego recharge isnt working

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    Happened to me too bruh

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    What's the total recharge time of overcharge on its own?
    Now what's the total recharge time of overcharge with that particular mastery (and ONLY that mastery ego recharge) used once during overcharge recharging?

    You'll need a stopwatch and a finger with a good reaction time, but timing both of those scenarios will tell you exactly what % that mastery's doing. If it takes 60 seconds, just for example's sake, the first time - then it takes 54 seconds the second time (-6 seconds) with just a single use of that mastery... then it's doing the 10% recharge that it should be

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    don't forget that has a hidden cooldown (7 secs i believe)...so on a tachmag your're probably only going to get it every 3rd or 4th reload depending on your mag size.

    also, that cooldown applies across weapons, so if you fully reload one weapon and then switch and fully reload again before the cooldown you won't get it.

    and i asked a couple livestreams ago about having that cooldown removed since it was really a bandaid fix for 0 reload guns and they said it is here to stay.

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    No need for a stopwatch or anything. I thought I'd said that with a weapon with natural ego on reload it's quite obvious it's working. Compared to a weapon.that ego on reload has been rolled on, for my bh tachmag at least.

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