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    Roleplaying and why you should do it or at least support it.

    Alright everyone, I know this sort of thing will get boos and people facepalming but let's be honest. When the RPers tend to be happy with a game the game tends to last for a -very- long time. Just look at everquest 1 and then even lord of the rings online.

    I come to you as an eve online player, someone who has gotten both of their characters to be welcome into lore and even a developer youtube video made. I say this not to gloat but of the things RP can do to affect storyline without needing to sit in one corner of the map posting as furiously as your drunken fingers can type.

    Roleplay is everything from roll a 20 sided dice for player made dungeons to people playing like its WoW and sitting on a bench explaining and talking to one another. I know the defiance chat system, at least at launch wasn't very good...but the demand and the people using it might just change the developer's mind on their priorities...that or I'm a dreamer.

    This is a great tv show for syfy, a good game and with the right people and push it can be a great place to RP or at least have one hell of a lore based backing.

    Thank you for reading, or if you didn't tl:dr "Roleplay is good, more options and chat system is good, and characters made game lore is amazing"

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    But I'm already in the game lore, I'm the 'arkhunter' you've heard so much about. Everyone knows my name, even the npc's.my exploits are singular, slayer of nim, hero of the bay... Yep, there's no one out there like me.

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    I've been saying it for months, every new addition to the game should have accompanying backstory. All these holiday arkfalls don't have a whole bunch of sense but if they explained why the hulkers were drawn to these arkfalls or why the Volge had a sudden interest in arktech then maybe I would have been more inclined to play said arkfalls.

    Even expeditions barely had a backstory to them, and no sort of conclusion, no words from Ara or Grant (who started them in the first place).

    Think about it, I'm probably the person who knows the most about the Defiance universe outside of those who work on the game or the show and I'm craving more, that should tell you that there is not enough. Or I'm addicted, either one.

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    my favorite is when you get a voice acted content to a location/objective and it's generic junk.

    And not going to lie, we probably know MORE about it than those working on it. It's almost tradition these days to have fans know more than the actors/writers of the science fiction in TV they're actively involved in. As fans, we're much more involved and inclined to know as much as we can than those who are paid to take part.
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    Gl 2 u!

    I try to create some lore for special events with my FCN Bulletin in the forums here and in Defiance Data, but even that is getting harder to do when the special events are a mish-mash of past special events! I can see the headline for the Armistice in two days! "Mutant pilgrims and hellbugs decide to have separate Armistice parties during a solstice"! How do you make a good Defiance story out of that?

    I also did short stories about Belle Starr for Defiance Data, but that to got hard to do without any new story content in-game!

    We had Defiance RP on these forums, but most of the participants wanted to move them offsite because of censorship here about a year ago, so we did! We now have a Defiance RP forum offsite (see my signature if u want to click to it and check it out) but has less than a half dozen active participants!

    I try to keep the "Belle Starr" personna alive in game, but its hard to do when nobody else in game wants to "waste time" role playing! I'd LOVE to do as u suggest, but I just don't see the Defiance Game community getting behind it, as they really haven't during the three years I've been here! Truth to tell, most of the game players just want to go out and shoot something (PVE)... or shoot me (PVP)... or both! Oh, and of course, gather loot in-game!

    But GL 2 U!
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    I was wondering where i can find a list of rp groups for Defiance. I see some here but know the servers are getting shut down. I was hoping to find Rp groups online some place or on discord even. Any ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mad Matrix View Post
    I was wondering where i can find a list of rp groups for Defiance. I see some here but know the servers are getting shut down. I was hoping to find Rp groups online some place or on discord even. Any ideas?
    I was a part of an RP group at the following address. I see visitors listed, but there hasn't been much activity. I fell out of it mostly due to not having the show inspire me and I became burnt out. I don't know if anyone else uses it, but you're welcome to check it out: https://defiancerpforum.freeforums.net/

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